Sunday, October 24, 2010

Life's Many Changes...part 1.

First, so sorry to anyone who enjoys keeping up with us through the blog world...or should I say used to keep up with us that way! I have taken a long break from blogging, life has been full. Great, but very full. So, for a quick update on the Clayton Clan...without pics because our camera broke this summer on our vacation and we have not gotten a new one quite yet, that's on the to do list for this week actually, I will not have 4 cute boys on Halloween without a camera! :-) Hopefully I can add some pics soon!

Summer Camps & Vacation:
Back in July/August we had the opportunity to go to a couple of youth camps that Chris led worship for. They were actually both for the same church, one for Jr. High and the other for High School. They were each about 5 days long and there were 5 days in between them as well as 4 days of driving in our RV, so it was quite a long trip. God was SOOOOO good to us from beginning to end! I could tell you a million stories but I'll try to just highlight a few. The drive there was great, the boys did fantastic. We were able to go to Downtown Disney one afternoon after arriving and take the boys to Lego Land...they LOVED that of course and got some new legos to bring home! At the first camp we got to ride on a ski boat and jet ski's for a few days, the boys had more fun than they could imagine! "Faster, Faster" is what we heard...I know we were up to 50+ miles an hour with a few of them and there was NO fear! Callen of course loved doing donuts, and Cade almost gave me a heart attack when I let him push the gas and he just almost flipped us when he went from 0 to who knows what in 2 seconds. Didn't scare him, he got a good laugh from Mommy's reaction! :-) From there we went to a beach resort the church booked us and had our family vacation. The resort was plush and beautiful and the weather was perfect. We spent the week going to the pool and beach, searching for shells and eating out at fun places. Then the second camp was back at the church itself in their youth building that had games, a gym, wii's, tons of kids to play with and huge blow up water slides! They even got invited to go to a little boys house to swim and play one day. I could not have planned a better variety of things for them to do if I had tried! We were truly blessed and had a wonderful almost 3 weeks...even made it home safe and sane! :-)

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